What is airfreight?

Airfreight is the transfer of goods via an air carrier by plane. Compared to other modes of shipping, air freight is one of the fastest, safest, as well as most expensive mode of transport. Airfreight is usually chosen for urgent shipments, also when goods are of high value as well as when air freight is the only possible solution. Air cargo can reach destination within the period of 1 to 9 days, depending on the route and chosen service – economy or value. Usually air transport is used to ship goods such as electronics, spare parts, food products...
With air transport, cargo can be transported in different types of aircraft:
- Passenger aircraft, in the cargo area below the passengers, the so-called "belly"
- Cargo aircraft or Freighters on the main-deck or in the belly; by means of nose-loading, where the whole nose is opened, or side loading, through a large cargo door
The booking is made via commercial airlines taking into account rates and routings as well as service quality and transit time.

TK freighter to RIX