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Battery transportation by air

As battery transportation by air is usually followed by many questions and haziness, here we tried to sum up all necessary information about shipping requirements and restrictions, prepared in accordance with IATA 2020 Lithium Battery Guidance Document.

Lithium batteries are dangerous goods and can cause serious safety risks if lacking proper preparation and shipped not in compliance with international transport regulations.

Battery Types

Mainly, there are 2 types of batteries: Lithium metal and Lithium-ion batteries.

Batteries and Equipment

Batteries can be Contained in Equipment or Packed with Equipment. Certain regulations apply for shipping batteries with equipment.

Prohibitions and Restrictions

Due to the high risk batteries can cause during flight, a bunch of restrictions apply.

Battery Packing

In order to arrange proper packing and shipping, IATA rules shall be followed (on link below see Part 2, p. 11).