Cargo Insurance

Cargo loss or damage is always not very likeble topic neither for freight forwarder nor for a customer. As a freight forwarder we always do our best to ensure safe and reliable transportation solutions. However we all have to admit that sometimes loss or damage happens and we are here to explain you what we all can do to minimize these risks.

It is important  to make a point that airline's liability is 19 SDR per kilo according to Warsaw and Montreal Conventions. This means that customer will get compensation depending on cargo weight in case of damage or loss. This general liability obviously is not efficient for small/light shipments with high value. 

Therefore for high value goods we always offer our customers to order additional cargo transportation insurance. Cargo insurance provides protection against all risks of physical loss or damage to freight from any external cause during shipping. You can easily ask us for additional insurance, price starting from only 15 EUR!

Also our company is insured with Freight forwarder's liability insurance, which compensates us an our customers damages and costs resulting from a freight forwarder liability against third parties.

Any questions on cargo insurance? Please contact us