Chargeable weight

In aviation airfreight charge is calculated on the basis of actual weight or volume weight, which ever is higher. Chargeable weight is an equilibrium point of actual weight and volume of cargo balance. For example, if a shipper exports cotton, the actual weight of cotton is very low but occupies a good amount of space as a volume. In this case, if airfreight is charged on the basis of actual weight of cargo, the said shipper needs to pay a very nominal airfreight compared to a shipper who exports iron plates. Therefore it is important to calculate volume weight by considering volume of cargo and actual weight of cargo at an equilibrium point.

Calculation of chargeable weight:

airfreight 1 m3 = 167 kg

trucking 1 m3 = 333 kg 


Actual weight of cargo: 1000 kg

Volume of cargo: 8 m3

Volume weight: 8 m3 x 167 kg = 1336 kg

In this case chargeable weight would be 1336 kg.