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E-commerce Logistics

EU (European Union) e-commerce market can be difficult to enter for foreign investors and manufacturers because of various social, legal, fiscal, VAT, cultural, lingual and logistics aspects. However, e-commerce sales are growing in all European countries and these markets possess huge potential for online merchants.

Lithuania is strategically wise choice for fulfillment operations. Its geographically central location is convenient for shipment distribution in Europe, while modern logistics infrastructure ensures smooth physical movements of cargoes and parcels.

A competitive advantage for considering Lithuania as fulfillment center is labor, rent, taxes and investment costs which are lower than in Western Europe countries.

WuliuAir E-commerce Fulfillment team offers standard fulfillment services such as pick & pack, storage, parcel shipments. Also, we can support you on market insights, translations to any European languages, VAT and tax registration, helping on sales and customized packaging of your products.


Our fulfillment services

  • Amazon FBA
  • Storage
  • Pick and Pack
  • Documentation and labeling
  • Parcel shipping
  • Return handling

Special services to enter EU e-commerce market

  • EU’s Import One Stop Shop registration (IOSS)
  • VAT/EORI registration
  • Web hosting and web design
  • Translations to any European languages
  • Market insights
  • Online sales support and customer service

How we can help you?

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