Trade Show Logistics

Trade Show Logistics

Trade shows all around the world bring together companies of a particular industry to display their products and discuss services. Therefore, such events are a perfect tool to boost your sales and build company’s image.

We are here to guide exhibitors through all the logistics process of a trade show.

If your company is planning to participate in a trade show in any country, contact us for comprehensive quotation and detailed information about deadlines, specific requirements, customs regulations and delivery to the venue procedures.

Focus on your sales and marketing while we are getting your equipment delivered to the show. 

Trade show service includes:

  • Door pick up

  • Customs clearance

  • International chipping

  • Import/ATA carnet services

  • Local delivery to the expo venue

  • Delivery to the booth

  • Insurance

  • Packing instructions

wuliuair trade show logistics

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